Install Edging in Your Garden – Simple Guide

Install Edging in Your Garden – Simple Guide

  • September 30, 2021
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Take your Garden landscape from disorganized to manicured!

Edging installation in your garden is not only to enhance the beauty of the garden but it has many long-lasting benefits. Maintaining the garden is an expensive affair as we all know. But edging is an inexpensive way to give your garden or lawn manicured look and value to your beautiful property. Vibrant flowers or fruits or vegetables or herbs or grass in your garden look best when they have some finishing touches around. And edging pavers is what gives the perfect edging for your garden. 

They can be the muted stone pavers that will make the green grass and the colors of the flowers stand out. By placing edging pavers along with the garden stepping stones on the sides and around the garden beds full of annual flowers, it will add to the aesthetic value of your garden and it will look very polished.

Install Edging in Your Garden

Incorporating stone pavers as lawn edging pavers will bring a qualitative texture into your designed garden while spotlighting and dividing spaces within the landscape. Edging installation lines, the flower beds and pathways which banish the entailment of trimming. The stone pavers from World of Stones will not only save the crew’s valuable time of mowing but also provide supplementary barriers between the plants and the turf.

Landscape borders or edging pavers prove to be  no matter what the garden style is. It creates a clear separation of the grass or flowers or walking paths for people to move around. Now when we talk about edging installation, there are several materials used in the creation of garden borders such as bricks, plastics, wood, metal fencing, gravels, pebbles, uncut rocks, glass, gabions, logs, concrete, tiles, and many more.

We would prefer Natural stone pavers for edging installation and for garden stepping stones. Natural stones have many benefits over other materials:

  • Natural stones are more versatile when specifically used in garden edging.
  • It is known for its durability over time
  • When the outer edge of the garden is surrounded by Stone pavers, it gives more of a natural look and a relaxed vibe
  • Natural stone pavers are environmentally friendly
  • They are easy to maintain and cost-effective
  • As they are typically heavy, there are minimal chances of them getting blown away or knocked out of place by animals and people
  • Growth of weeds will be minimized or almost zeroed down

Let’s follow a quick edging guide to get the best landscaping edging installation for your yard.

Step 1: Choose The Right Materials

Creating solid boundaries along the garden path or for the walkway defines in addition to providing an attractive design element. With an abundant choice of materials existing in the market, plenty of options can match your function and style of landscape.

For edging pavers, a lot of materials could be used like bricks, plastics, wood, metal fencing, gravels, pebbles, uncut rocks, glass, gabions, logs, concrete, tiles, and many more. But for the best modern effect, choose garden stepping stones or stone pavers for more clean lines.

Choose the right materials

You can choose natural stone pavers for gorgeous and decorative garden edging. Stone pavers for edging pavers come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, looks, and textures at World of Stones. Edging installation with natural stone pavers or slabs of pavers is easy with World of Stones. It will keep visitors out of areas where you don’t want them to go and keep your garden looking clean and crisp.


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Garden stepping stones can also alleviate the look of your garden. Garden paving stones can be laid out at regular intervals in a creative way to create the walkway of your garden. Irregular shapes and sizes or square or rectangular shape slabs can be chosen for the garden stepping stones.

STEP 2: Prepare The Area

Mark the perimeter of the area where edging installation needs to be done using a garden hose. Once the area is being marked either as a straight line or in a curvature style, trace along the edge with spray paint or mark the border with a few pebbles.

The edging would be approximately 3 inches, so make sure you line up on the correct side to avoid any kind of miscalculations.

STEP 3: Trench Digging and Filling The Bottom With Sand

Once the materials have been selected, the difficult part comes in the digging of the trench. Digging the right depth is extremely vital here. When the trench is dug straight down about 3 to 4 inches deep and around 6 inches wide, the pavers and stones would fit perfectly.

trench digging and filling the bottom with sand

As an edging guide, when using stone pavers, fill the bottom of the trench with a 1-inch bed of sand. Later pack it smoothly and level it by removing the extra debris.

STEP 4: Setting The Edges Properly

Once the sand has been set to level it up, place the stone pavers properly next to one another in the trench. Start setting the edging pavers from the most noticeable area, so that by the end when you reach the unnoticeable area, if any paver needs to be cut to fit, it can be done with ease. Tap the pavers carefully with a hammer or rubber mallet.

Setting the edges properly

Some pieces may need some extra sand to fill the cracks. Gently push the sand or fill it with some other stabilizing material like mulch or gravel.

STEP 5: It’s Time to Admire Your Pretty Little Manicured Garden

The sweat equity of work is sure to give you the best curb appeal of your garden. You did it in the right way, it’s good news then. The edging installation should last for many years.

Admire your work and garden area. Nothing complements the greenery and flowers better than natural stone edging pavers or garden stepping stones. Place some pebbles around which will blend with the natural environment. Such meticulous attention to detail with natural stone edging pavers from World of Stones will reflect in the crisp lines.


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