10 Natural Stone Trends for 2021 – Exterior & Interior Space

10 Natural Stone Trends for 2021 – Exterior & Interior Space

  • March 15, 2021
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The marketing team at World of Stones USA always remains active to sniff the trends in the dimension stone industry. 

As we do every year, we have asked about the natural stone trends for 2021 to some leading influencers of our brand and business-like architects, interior & exterior designers, and several local contractors.

Of course, they were varying in opinions but furnished us with tons of details regarding what is going on in the field across the nation.

Out of those, I’ve picked ten natural stone trends for 2021 in both interior & exterior spaces. Please bear in mind that like last year, in 2021 also people likely prefer to stay more at home to combat COVID-19, and that can influence the trends of designing homes and landscape accordingly.

No.1 – Woods & Stones Are Naturals in Home Design

According to architects in different states, people now think of biophilic designs, which support building practices that can add something to human health, wellbeing, and productivity.

However, people crave a deeper connection with Mother Nature due to this biophilic inherent tendency. Natural woods and stones are pioneer materials that are bestowed with such natural blessings.

Perhaps this awareness is the true reason behind the increased affinity of the current market to natural stones. Of course, people with a low-socio-economic background still compromise with synthetic materials. Reasons? It is for the sake of budgetary constraints.

wall decor wallpaper

At first glance, you may assume that the wall décors with wallpaper. But it is not. There are natural stone crafts with creeper murals. You can see the choice of wood color and texture completely matching with the color, texture, and design of stone murals.

Wooden window frame and door frame are befitting in the design of stone craft cohesively. In fact, the choice of colors is from an earthen palette so it gives a bounty of aesthetic appearance.

If you have different schemes, you can place your orders to World of Stones USA revealing your needs.

No.2 – Follow Nature’s Lead for Artful Natural Stones

Stacked Stones in Outdoor Space

stacked stones

Stacking stone is one of nature’s specialties. Nature does it precisely and with finesse. Unfortunately, we cannot bring it all into our landscape. of course, we can recreate it using stacked stone wall designing techniques in our outdoor places.

No doubt, it is intense labor and patience demanding art accomplished by expert stonemasons only. They select each piece of stone and place it carefully with a design in mind, and the resulting retaining wall and planter wall are direct evidence of such artful stones.

Artful Stone Crafts for Indoor Places

stone craft

For indoor artful stones, I would like to place a sculpture mimicking a plant and furniture pieces carved entirely from the natural stones. 

Hollow geometric design has been crafted in the back and sides of stone chairs. A small stool is also made of natural stones and veins and a pattern on the stone surface obviously beautifying it.

Artful 3D Mural Stones

3D stones

3D murals are the way to imprint artful stones on the walls in the interior as well as exterior places. The entire design is of embossed stone craft, not POP or other work. Indeed, it is hard work by stone craftsmen at World of Stones USA.

You can bring this beauty to your daily life by installing such crafted stone tiles on the walls of your living room, bedroom, or in your office to impress your visitors in the first place.

No.3 – Natural Stones with Enduring Beauty in Bathroom Design

bathroom design

The best characteristic of natural stone is its uniqueness, as no two pieces, you will find exactly alike. When you opt for adding some organic warmth and texture to your bathroom, I would insist on natural stones. 

Suppose you are committed to good maintenance, the longevity is a guarantee. The stone surfaces will depict their beauty throughout your lifespan even in the bathroom like wet places.

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Marbles have beautiful grains and veins, which are creating marvelous patterns in design that hardly any other stone types are offering. However, there is no hard & fast rule to stick with marble-like popular stone choices for your bathroom. You can try other options of natural stone varieties.

I consider soapstone a great option, as it demands minimum maintenance. No need to spend on sealers. Just periodically rub the mineral oil on the surface and let it oxidize overtime to get the surface tone darker and richer than before!

Another choice is slate. Of course, it is associated with a rustic appearance but can prove great for floors in the bathroom like wet places where anti-slip texture is mandatory on the surfaces.

World of Stones USA (WOSU) offers high-quality choices for natural stones for home, and especially for your bathroom with required guidance for installation and maintenance.

No.4 – Battle of Backsplashes with Stone Mosaic 

Backsplashes always remain a debated subject when it comes to kitchen design. The natural stone trends are favoring the use of beautiful stone options in the battle against other materials in the market. 

kitchen design

If you think of glass mosaics, I’ll prefer stone mosaics prepared by World of Stones USA. 

glass mosaic

You’ll have ample choices of designs to make your kitchen a luxurious and dynamic place to work for hours. I firmly advocate stone mosaics against glass mosaics. Natural stone has universal appeal. 

Stone mosaics are budget-friendly and never cost a fortune when you think of backsplash. If you use proper sealants on a stone mosaic, dirt and stains in your kitchen never spoil the natural beauty at all.

No.5 – Augment Your Landscape Journey with Natural Stone Steps

landscape journey

Suppose you are a lover of wildlife. And wish to bring the same experience in your yard, natural stone can help you to bring the stone age with a relatively cheaper expense. You can use leftover stone pieces to create stacked stone boundaries or retaining walls around the steps.

Natural stone steps treads are available in required sizes at WOSU and stone blocks to create risers. You can use natural paving stones to ease your travel from one elevation to the next by walking some steps on the same level of the ground.

Stones have often irregular surfaces that are called natural cleft in the industry and you can take advantage of rough surfaces and uneven edges to create a wild look-n-feel in your landscape space.

No.6 – Trending Sunrooms Are Blurring the Lines Between Indoor & Outdoor 


The whole point of the sunroom is to have adequate sunlight-filled in the room and it also gives views of the outdoors. In urban cottage gardens or ancient rural houses have porches or backyard patio spaces now designated to turn into sunrooms.

It is simple to use wood and glasses to cover two or more sides with a transparent wall to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

You can place wooden furniture to sit and welcome your guests with a cup of tea or coffee in the sunroom letting them enjoy your outdoor landscape design.

Natural paving stones are the ideal choice for sunroom floors. Albeit, natural stone setts are the best picks for outdoor patio pavers for walkway pavers.

You can place flower pots or planters with plants and creepers in your sunroom and adorn it with a contemporary look.

No.7 – Trending Outdoor Fire Pits that Invite You to Gather Around the Fire

around the fire

Now, winter is gradually leaving us at the mercy of the bright sun that will be witnessed in the coming days. We have noticed trends for installing fire pits in outdoor spaces. 

World of Stones USA provides ready-to-use stone kits to create fire pits in DIY ways. The increased demands of such stone kits have convinced us that people prefer permanent fire pits against temporary bowl fire features.

Most of the mid-century homes celebrate the in & out-door connections in style. And fire pits are playing vital roles to foster outdoor living nearly year-round. 

Suppose you are not in favor of a permanent fire feature, just dig the land to fit the fire bowl and place stone boulders around it. 

To save the surrounding grass from burning, you can use stone grits or gravels/pebbles to create a naturally fireproof patio space and lend the chairs around the firepit to celebrate a drink with your friends.

No.8 – Trends to Establish A Family Room’s Natural Connection Using Natural Stones

family room

The fireplace in the family room is the natural element and causes all members to spend a few delightful moments together. 

The fireplace hearth and surrounding spaces if decorated with natural stones with earthy tones, we can easily establish a connection with nature.

rocky wall

You can be more natural by simulating a rocky wall on the back of seats or sofas. WOSU has a stellar collection for wall covering using crafted natural stones. 

You can observe the natural veins of natural rocks on the rocky surfaces on a wall. This one is another way to establish a connection with nature like Homo Sapiens once were living in caves carved in the mountains. 

No.9 – Trends for Celebrating Nature’s Art with Natural Stones on Walls & Floors

stone on wall

  • Natural stones are always rustic in look and rough in surfaces. 
  • Crafting in natural stone is tough and limited.
  • If you are an artist and prefer arts on your walls, go for paints or synthetic materials.

These are myths prevailing for centuries in our history and even today’s market. World of Stones USA has an impeccable team of stone craftsmen who are committed to debunking such myths related to natural stones. 

They can create floors and walls from different natural stone varieties by crafting samples of fine arts on the stone surfaces.

Golden and silver inlays are common artistry for flooring. There are other techniques to apply on the walls too.

nature art bed room

You can bring nature’s art to your bedroom or living room by using stone wall covering techniques. If you have an artistic vision and love natural elements in the art, WOSU is the destination to find your preferred styles and designs.

Just you draw, we’ll craft the same on the stone surface that will stay with you even for decades! Here pillow covers, bed, and wall also are matching in the artistic theme on the wall.

No.10 – Natural Stone Boulders Means to Enhance Your Landscape Designs

Today trends in outdoor design support the use of natural rocks in their raw form. Boulders are the best word to describe that.

natural stream

Let me show you how natural stone boulders help you create exact natural-looking water stream-like features in your landscape. by placing small and large size boulders mid-way of a natural water stream, you can display elevation differences of the land surrounding the water feature.

natural water fall

Suppose your appetite is for a big waterfall instead of a small one, you have stone boulders or entire rocks are at your risk. Use them creatively by mimicking natural falls in your landscape.



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